36″ Injection Molded Orange Traffic Cone

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Price: Please Call
Color: Orange
Custom Stencil or Logo Available:
Height: 36"
Weight: 10 Lbs. or 12 Lbs.
Reflective Stripes Available: 2

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This traffic cone is known as the Florida DOT Cone. It’s the only cone approved for use on the state’s high-speed freeways, which are known for aggressive driving.

The largest model on the market, this cone is easily spotted by forklift and crane operators. It’s visible from a significant height and distance such as a rooftop or the window sill of a skyscraper.

Thanks to their substantial size and bulk, 36-inch cones are often employed by college football coaches for “3-point drills.” They can be used as unofficial goal posts or to mark entry and exits of work zones, waste facilities, excavation sites, and truck servicing stations. Facility attendants often place these larger cones outside their booths.

Extra tall traffic cones can be used as inexpensive, outdoor signage for public events — just order custom graphics and messages at no set-up fee. Connect them with rope, caution tape or cone bars to create pedestrian delineators, outdoor parking lot, boundaries and ticket lines.

  • MUTCD compliant for high-speed highway applications.
  • Received crashworthy test rating by NCHRP-350.
  • Always in-stock and ready to ship.


  • 14″ x 14″ square base
  • Choose 10 Lb. or 12 Lb. recycled base

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18″ Flow Molded Orange Traffic Cone

Price: Please Call
Color: Orange
Custom Stencil or Logo Available: No
Height: 18"
Weight: 3.0 Lbs.
Reflective Stripes Available: No

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The 18-inch flow molded-cone is a dependable, all-purpose cone for household, business and professional use. The cone and base are molded as one solid piece – fused triple-layers of dense, highly resilient PVC. No seams or splits so it won’t crack or split or if hit.

The smooth, shiny red-orange surface resists scuffing, mud and tire marks. Use to block a freshly paved driveway, mark mud puddles in church or school parking lots, indicate hazards on private property, or designate construction areas. Also great for crowd control, safety display, or to mark pedestrian pathways in school zones. High-traction base has narrow feet to lift the cone above grass or wet pavement.

These rebound-able 18-inch markers serve as outdoor athletic cones — the flexible PVC retains shape through storms and extreme temperatures; UV blockers protect the color. For use in football and soccer games, obstacle and Cyclocross challenges, equine training, or fitness drills.

We stencil cones with original logos and custom messages for no set up fee. Branded cones can be used in place of signs or to mark or direct events.


  • Meets MUTCD requirements for non-high speed roadway applications.
  • NCHRP-350 Crashworthy test rating.

Manufactured in the USA. Ships immediately.


  • Approximately 3.0 Lbs.
  • 11.375″ x 11.375″ Base

18″ Injection Molded Lime Green Traffic Cone

Price: Please Call
Color: Lime Green
Custom Stencil or Logo Available: Yes
Height: 18"
Weight: 4.0 Lbs.
Reflective Stripes Available: 1

Additional Features:
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Lime green, 18-inch injection-molded traffic cones are often used in roadside urban construction – the nontraditional neon color provides added visibility on busy sidewalks and roads.

Similarly, the model increases driver awareness in low volume commercial parking lots where pedestrian activity competes with cars. Such places include nursing homes, hospitals, country clubs, schools zones and apartment or condominium complexes. The product clearly delineates pedestrian pathways and keeps vehicles from running into trees or shrubbery.

Also used to guide parking in informal, outdoor lots and helps tag roadside play areas and worksites.

  • Meets MUTCD standards for low speed roads.
  • NCHRP-350 crashworthiness.
  • Stocked and ready to ship immediately.


  • 11″ x 11″ Base
  • Approximately 4.0 Lbs. Each