Injection Molded Traffic Cones

Our injection-molded traffic cones are the toughest on the market – used by DOTs and safety officials across the country.

With the thickest, densest walls available, these cones handle impact from utility and commercial vehicles without losing structural integrity. The perfect cone for facilities managers, construction supervisors, parking lot attendants or anyone responsible for protecting people and property.

Available Injection Molded Cones

The cone features a 100 percent recycled PVC base. It contains more post-consumer material than any traffic cone on the market! The base provides ballast while the cleated undersurface keeps the cone standing through extreme winds and weather.

Orange Traffic Cones

12″ Orange  |  18″ Orange  |  28″ Orange  | 36″ Orange

Lime Green Traffic Cones

18″ Green  |  28″ Green  |  36″ Green

Blue Traffic Cones

28″ Blue Cone

Product Details

  • Approved by the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for highway applications
  • Recyclable
  • Base made from 100 percent recycled PVC
  • Base is cleated for superior road grip
  • Base is permanently fixed to the cone shaped body – the patented, inner-locking design makes them inseparable.
  • Weight is concentrated in the base – this prevents the cone from falling over if hit
  • UV-inhibitors preserve color from sun exposure
  • Easy to stack – cones don’t stick together
  • Comes in glowing orange or neon lime green
  • Dye-molded so it never needs painting or upkeep
  • Regulation sizes: 12-inch (orange only), 18-inch, 28-inch, and 36-inch

Strength & Durability

  • Manufacturer tested for superior strength: Product was run over with a 17,000 lb semi-truck and a 23,000 paving roller – In both cases, the cone retained full structural integrity
  • Crashworthy rated: National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)-350.

Customize by Adding

  • High-intensity 3M reflective collars, imprinted into the surface (recommended for use during night time, fog or storms)
  • Unique logos, graphics or messaging (no set-up fee, a $120 value)

Purchasing & Shipping

  • We have hundreds of injection-molded cones in stock and ready to ship
  • Bulk pricing available
  • Orders arrive in pristine condition — they’re properly packed by our trained staff
  • Custom logos are rolled-on with smear-free, waterproof ink that won’t run or fade with outdoor exposure
  • Cones are customized in-house by trained technicians, providing the best value without extra costs

What Is Injection Molding?

Injection-molding is a manufacturing process for creating machine components and durable parts. It’s commonly used to shape plastic and helps transform post-consumer waste into sturdy, lasting products.

The body of our cones are injection-molded from pure PVC plastic – one of the most flexible and durable materials available. Once the polymer is heated to liquid form, vibrant orange or lime green dye is added. Then the material is injected into a mold at high pressure. It cools into a solid piece with incredibly dense walls that can endure extreme weight, weather, and impact without permanent damage. Injection-molded PVC plastics are easy to clean and resist tire marks, scuffing and environmental degradation.