Lime Green Traffic Cones

Lime green is a contemporary twist on the highway-grade safety cone. The striking neon hue makes the most of natural daylight — this cone gets noticed no matter where it is.

Injection-molded from 100 percent pure PVC plastic for maximum durability – it rebounds from shock of all kinds. The base is hefty 100 percent recycled rubber, cleated for superior road grip.

Flatten ‘em with a utility vehicle and these cones bounce back. Down pours, high-winds, blizzards, even floods are no match: During Hurricane Sandy, we supplied the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) with thousands of these safety cones. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used our cone to seal off-sections of the Gulf Coast effected by the BP oil spill.

Fit for outdoor use in any climate. Pre-molded plastic is injected with glowing, lime green dye for a vibrant, high-gloss finish that resists stains and never needs painting. The color is sealed with UV-stabilizers so it won’t diminish from sun exposure. Maintains a solid shape in extreme temperatures.

Our storerooms are stocked with thousands of federal MUTCD-compliant traffic cones. We customize, package and ship hundreds every day. Most orders shipped in less than 24 hours.

We Carry The Following Sizes of Green Traffic Cones

18″ Traffic Cone  |  28″ Traffic Cone  |  36″ Traffic Cone

Product Details

  • Injection-molded for industrial-strength walls
  • Available with highly luminous 3M reflective collar – Refracts light in extreme weather and at night
  • Maximum recycled content; Recyclable
  • Sticks to the terrain and keeps standing: Wide-bottom body and high-traction base for improved stability
  • Doubles as durable signage—just add an individual design or corporate/event logo. We brand unique messages and complex images for no set-up fee ($120 value!)
  • Low-to-no maintenance – hose-wash if needed!
  • Maintains brilliant appearance: Permanent, sun-safe, weather-proof color; stain and scuff resistant
  • Endures extreme heat and cold: Manufacture tested at 160-fahrenheit and -10-fahrenheit
  • Soft and forgiving — safe to use with animals and children
  • Long lasting: ultra-dense PVC won’t split, tear, or break extreme weather and vehicle impact
  • For use indoors or outdoors

Purchasing & Shipping

  • Immediate shipping – usually within 24 hours
  • Bulk purchases available
  • Our staff is trained to package your order properly – Cones are never creased or folded
  • Consistent quality at a lower price – Our experienced technicians do all customization in-house

Product Options

The following options are available for your convenience:


  • 18-inch: landscaping cones, sports cones
  • 24-inch: road cones, construction cones, parking cones
  • 36-inch: industrial cones, utility cones

Select a Functional Design

  • Available in bright lime green
  • Standard-weight base or extra heavy for added stability

Turn Your Traffic Cone in a Durable Outdoor Sign

Add a custom logo and/or message and the lime green traffic cone doubles as a neon sign. This alternative is more resilient and less expensive than aluminum. Best off all, it’s easy to move and carry.

Customization is our specialty. Our storeroom has full stenciling capability – we use high-resolution vector-imaging software for roll-on ink graphics. Because we do it all in-house, we’re able to provide consistent-quality at no set-up fee (a $120 value). Cone-signs can also be designed for birthday parties, art/decor, or indoor cautions including “Wet Floors,” “Wet Paint,” or “Custodian At Work.”