Orange Traffic Cones

Mark it, then forget it.

Our highway-grade orange traffic cones are made from ultra-flexible, 100 percent pure PVC plastics, heat-compressed for top-grade density and strength. They’re practically indestructible.

Flatten ‘em with a four-wheeler and these cones bounce back. High-winds, heavy down pours, blizzards, even floods are no match: During Hurricane Sandy, we supplied the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) with thousands of these safety cones. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) used our cone to seal off-sections of the Gulf Coast effected by the BP oil spill.

Fit for outdoor use in all seasons. Pre-molded plastic is infused with vibrant orange-red dye for a bold, high-gloss finish that blocks stains and never needs painting. The permanent color is reinforced with UV-stabilizers so it won’t fade in the sun. Solid PVC plastic holds its shape in extreme heat or cold.

Our warehouses are stocked with thousands of federal MUTCD-approved safety cones.

We customize, pack and ship hundreds each day. Most orders are shipped in under 24 hours.

We Carry The Following Sizes of Orange Traffic Cones


Product Details

  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • Recyclable
  • Available with high-intensity 3M reflective collar — Illuminates at night and in extreme weather
  • Sticks to the ground and stays upright: High-traction base and wide-bottom body for maximized stability
  • Used as a high-visibility sign – just add your unique logo or design. We professionally stencil complex graphics and text for no set-up fee ($120 value!)
  • Upkeep is simple – hose-off as needed!
  • Maintains vivid appearance throughout outdoor use: Permanent, sun-safe, weather-proof color; stain and scuff resistant
  • Endures extreme temperatures: Manufacture tested for peak performance at 160-fahrenheit and -10-fahrenheit
  • Soft and pliable enough to use with children or animals
  • Highly durable: Pressure-molded PVC doesn’t tear, split or break with vehicle impact or extreme climates
  • All models meet MUTCD standards; National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350 crashworthy rated
  • Responsible purchasing: We stock recycled products and products made in the USA

Purchasing & Shipping

  • Ships quickly – usually under 24 hours
  • Bulk purchasing available
  • Cones properly packaged by trained staff – We do not fold or bend our product
  • Cones modified in-house by trained technicians – consistent design quality at a lower price

Product Options

The following options are available for your convenience:

Choose an Appropriate Size:

  • 6-inch: driver’s ed cones, indoor-damage cones
  • 12-inch: athletic cones, soccer cones
  • 18-inch: training cones, landscaping cones
  • 24-inch: parking cones, road cones, construction cones
  • 36-inch: utility cones, industrial cones

Select a Functional Design:

  • Classic orange-red or contemporary lime green
  • Flow-molded for lighter weight or injection-molded for extra toughness
  • Standard-weight base or extra heavy for added stability

Turn Your Traffic Cone into a Durable Outdoor Sign

By adding a brand logo or personal design, the classic traffic cone doubles as a bright, attention-grabbing sign. This option costs less and is more resilient than expensive aluminum. Best off all, it’s easy to remove and transport.

Custom graphics are our specialty. We have full stenciling capacity – high-resolution vector-imaging software, roll-on stenciling machines, and trained technicians. Because we carry out the entire process in house, we’re able to ensure top-quality images at no set-up fee (a $120 value). Cone-signs can also be created for personal use or indoor warnings such as “Wet Paint,” “Wet Floors” or “Custodian At Work.”