18″ Injection Molded Lime Green Traffic Cone

Price: Please Call
Color: Lime Green
Custom Stencil or Logo Available: Yes
Height: 18"
Weight: 4.0 Lbs.
Reflective Stripes Available: 1

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Lime green, 18-inch injection-molded traffic cones are often used in roadside urban construction – the nontraditional neon color provides added visibility on busy sidewalks and roads.

Similarly, the model increases driver awareness in low volume commercial parking lots where pedestrian activity competes with cars. Such places include nursing homes, hospitals, country clubs, schools zones and apartment or condominium complexes. The product clearly delineates pedestrian pathways and keeps vehicles from running into trees or shrubbery.

Also used to guide parking in informal, outdoor lots and helps tag roadside play areas and worksites.

  • Meets MUTCD standards for low speed roads.
  • NCHRP-350 crashworthiness.
  • Stocked and ready to ship immediately.


  • 11″ x 11″ Base
  • Approximately 4.0 Lbs. Each