28″ Flow Molded Orange Traffic Cone

Price: Please Call
Color: Orange
Custom Stencil or Logo Available: Yes
Height: 28"
Weight: 5.0 Lbs.
Reflective Stripes Available: None

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Our slim and trim 28-inch flow molded cones are a lighter-weight, economical alternative to traditional interstate cones. They meet the same requirements outlined by the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for high-speed highway application, but they’re made from solid fused triple-layer PVC. A single person can stack and carry these cones without any special equipment – Property managers and business owners keep them on hand for outdoor direction including sidewalk damage, wet paint, exposed pipes or wires, low volume parking lots or any potential pedestrian hazard.

Highly practical for urban construction areas and work zones.

Because these cones are easy to stack and store (they don’t stick together), they’re used by parents and driving instructors to outline boundaries for parallel parking practice. To create a parking marker that’s visible at night, add a permanent high-intensity reflective collar. Stain resistant 28-inch cones are also used to mark motor bike courses.


  • NCHRP-350 Crashworthy test rating.
  • Meets MUTCD requirements for use on high speed highways.

Made in the USA. Stocked and ready for immediate shipping.


  • 5.0 lbs each
  • 13″ x 13″ Base