28″ Injection Molded Lime Green Traffic Cone

Price: Please Call
Color: Lime Green
Custom Stencil or Logo Available: Yes
Height: 28"
Weight: 7.0 Lb
Reflective Stripes Available: 2

Additional Features:
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These 28-inch injection-molded cones — used on highways across the country – are now available in an attention grabbing neon color. The valued safety tool is routinely used to block off hazards and guide pedestrian traffic. An essential for police, firefighters, parking officials, cross guards, or anyone responsible for the public wellbeing.

These cones are built to withstand long-term exposure to extreme climates and repeat vehicle impact. They’re a staple for commercial parking lots and an essential crowd control device. Cones can be ordered with a stenciled-on event/sponsorship logo (at no additional set-up fee).

This cone is built to recover – it’s ideal for industrial sites and truck stops. Utility drivers often stock 28-inch cones to signal the public when they’re on-duty. In heavy snowfall, car owners place these cones outside their buried vehicles so plow-drivers know they’re there.

  • Approved for high-speed highways by the MUTCD.
  • Crashworthy rating of 350 by the NCHRP.
  • Ships immediately.


  • Base measures 14″ x 14″
  • Optional 7.0 Lb or 10.0 Lb Base