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42" Channelizer

42" Channelizer Cone with Four (4) 4" EG Reflective Collar and 16 lbs Recycled Rubber Base

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42\" Channelizer Cone with Four (4) 4\" EG Reflective Collar and 16 lbs Recycled Rubber Base
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Our 42" Channelizer Cones provide maximum visibility with a 5-tier design and optional reflective sheeting. Topped with a multipurpose handle, this channelizer tube can be used with caution tape, plastic chain, or a barricade flasher. Stackable and easy to transport, the 42" Channelizer cones come standard with a 16 lb recycled rubber base or, for heavier duty applications, choose the optional 30 lb base weight.

The 42” Channelizer -A Standard In Traffic Safety Equipment

The Traffic Safety Store offers Channelizer Cones that work great when it comes to directing traffic. The trim-line design of these Channelizer cones provides a precise delineation, which is necessary for construction projects, detours, concerts, airports, sporting events, and other applications. This assures you that rerouting traffic would be much safer than before.

These Channelizers can also be used with or without reflective sheeting, and we can guarantee that they're highly visible and durable. The handle is fracture-resistant, offering easy pickup, better strength, and easy installation of signs, lights, and other accessories needed.

Easy stacking can be enjoyed with the vertical sheeting surface as it has a five-tier telescopic design and anti-rotation ribs at the bottom. This makes the Channelizer cone stable and secure.
  • Additionally, due to the rugged, recycled rubber base at the bottom, as well as the other designed-in features, such as skid-resistance; stacking and handling has been more convenient.
  • Perfect for Small Projects or Work Zone
  • The tapered handle allows easy pickup, and being fracture-resistant, it can last for a long time. Lights and signs can also be mounted on the Channelizer cone, and it has a five-tier, telescopic design perfect for stacking.
The Channelizer cones' innovative trim design offers compact delineation that is ideal for concerts, detours, projects, sporting events, and even airports. Almost indestructible and highly visible, this Channelizer can be used together with our reflective sheeting, but it can also work without. Aside from that, here are the other features you can expect:
  • Optimum Visibility
  • Easy Stacking
  • Multipurpose Handle
  • Mobility
  • Easy Storage
  • Secure Base
  • Skid Resistant

Perfect for Long Term Use and Specifically Designed for Safety

Our 42” Ring-top stackable Channelizer cones are available in two sizes - 6 inches, and 4 inches. We also offer high-intensity reflective sheeting bands that can be bought together with these cones. Since the Channelizer is made from 100% recycled PE rubber, rest assured that it's safe for the environment, and it would last for a long time even with continuous use. The lightweight design allows easy handling, which even a single person will be able to set it up.

Likewise, despite its weight, it's still rugged enough that it remains stable no matter what the weather condition or work environment is. Overall, it's an oversize cone that could be very visible when used, making it a perfect traffic safety equipment even at night.
  • MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) certified. This 42” Channelizer cone would remain stable despite adverse weather conditions.
  • It comes with four 4” banks of white hi-intensity sheeting that offers 360 visibility. You can also purchase other colors if needed.
  • Should be used with rubber bases, which are sold separately depending on the model. These are made from 100% post consumer recycled rubber of passenger car tires.
  • Has been approved by the Federal Highway Administration National Cooperative Highway Research Program for nighttime use due to its high visibility.
  • Although it doesn't come with a warning light, you can buy one, and attach it to the reinforced bolt hole situated in the easy-grip handle.
  • Durable, yet affordable.
  • Comes in a stackable design.
  • Available in highly visible UV stabilized orange colors, which is ideal for controlling or managing traffic in events, school zones, work zones, concerts, etc.


The reinforced handle design of the Channelizer is capable of supporting the additional weight when stacked and doesn't leave permanent distortion to the other cones. Its high-density PE material, as well as the ergonomic handle design, allows easy stacking and separation.

Easy to Transport

The 42” Channelizer cones are easier to carry and faster to set up that using a line of drums.

MUTCD Approved

Our Channelizer cones have met the MUTCD standards as they are made from HDPE plastic with UV inhibitors. They are sturdy and won't deform even after severe impact.

Space Saver

The compact design makes storage rather convenient. We provide Navigators in 2 sizes: 28” and 45”. The molded handles can be used together with either Type A or Type C Warning lights, and it also functions as a “roping off” mount.

Our 42” Navigator features five bands of sheeting, but the use of 4 groups is the most popular configuration, and it can be in orange-white-orange-white sequence from the top of either 4” or 6” widths.


  • Available in two sizes: 18” tall (perfect for daytime and low-speed roads); 28” tall (for freeways and high-speed highways)
  • Retro-reflectorized can be added for night-time use
  • The Leading Supplier Of 42” Channelizing Equipment
  • With so many industrial and commercial applications for 42” Channelizers, it can be difficult to understand the type of 42” Channelizers you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect 42” Channelizers for any project or application.

The Leading Supplier Of 42” Channelizer Cones

With so many industrial and commercial applications for 42” Channelizer cones, it can be difficult to understand the type of 42” Channelizer cones you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect 42” Channelizer cones for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the traffic safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today to learn more!