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Grabber-Cones come either 42" and 28” tall and are bright safety orange in color. Stabilized and ballasted with either 16 or 30 lb. recycled rubber bases. The Recycled Rubber Base is dropped over the grabber cone stem. The stem of the TrafFix Grabber-Cone is manufactured with fluorescent low density polyethylene material, including UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The result is a flexible, sturdy, and durable Grabber Cone. The recessed areas on the stem protect the optional reflective bands, minimizing scratches and tears. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. With its reinforced handle design, the Grabber-Cone can support the weight of stacked cones and bases without permanent distortion. Its low density polyethylene material and handle design prevents the cones from sticking together when stacked. Grabber-Cones can be stacked with or without bases. Grabber-Cones can accept a standard D cell barricade light. Meets Federal MUTCD Standards. 28" Grabber Cones and 42" Grabber Cones are in Made in USA.